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Laurence Morrison explores portraiture as a gateway to identity and self-discovery. Born and raised in the Midlands, Laurence’s bi-racial heritage; Jamaican English, attributes to his exploration within his works. Exploring the human form through racial identity and culture. His past 20 years have been used to perfect his craft as he experiments with the genre of portraiture to curate stills that are honest and true. Since graduating from university in 2021 with a degree in Fine Art, Laurence has continued to expand his portfolio. Now, he is working closely with private collectors, and produces bespoke commissions for the public.


Not limited by medium, Laurence continues to explore new approaches to portraiture. Seeking to contextualise the humanness of his subjects, he captures the very essence of life, that makes us human. The soul of his works starts from the artistic fire that he has possessed from a very early age. 


Through the use of traditional mediums, Laurence disengages from technology to explore the human form on a deeper level, to create accurate physical likeness within his work. He communicates the personality, life and character of his subjects in the hope that it connects his audiences in different ways, inspiring them just as he himself has been inspired.  

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